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Our Story

Inspired by family and tradition, The Lady May celebrates the art of home-cooking passed down through generations, with dishes influenced by both Italian Catholic and Southern cuisine.

The Lady May restaurant concept was created by the owners Will Taylor and Chris McDonald while they imagined what Downtown Ocean Springs needed, a home cooked meal. Do you remember growing up going to your grandmas’ house for a meal made with love?

Will Taylor grew up going to eat at his grandma's house in Westpoint, MS while Chris McDonald grew up going to eat at his grandma's house in New Orleans, LA. The two decided to combine their grandmas recipes with a unique twist, thus creating The Lady Mays’ fun and unique menu.

The Lady May is more than just a restaurant, it is a celebration of family and the traditions that have been passed down through generations. The name itself comes from Chris' grandmother May, who was known for her exceptional cooking skills and love for serving others. Will's grandmother also had a great influence on the restaurant with her Southern cooking roots in Mississippi and her love for pickling and preserving.

The menu at The Lady May is a blend of these two family cooking styles, with influences from both Italian Catholic and Southern cuisine. From fried chicken to scratch biscuits to homemade jam and pepper jellies, every dish has a touch of nostalgia and reminds us of the flavors our grandmothers used to create in their kitchens. And with the addition of a Sunday brunch featuring gospel music and a Bloody Mary bar with homemade pickled veggies, The Lady May truly captures the essence of family gathering together for a meal.

But our journey didn't stop there. As we dove deeper into our grandmothers' recipes and cooking methods, we discovered new techniques and ingredients that have now become staples at The Lady May. We started pickling everything from cucumbers to peppers, and even added hot sauces and honey butter to our menu thanks to Will's passion for beekeeping.

Our idea board is a constant reminder of the unexpected paths our exploration has taken us on. Whether it's experimenting with different china plates and bowls or creating seasonal specials not listed on the menu, we continue to embrace the unexpected and let our grandmothers' love for cooking guide us. And with every dish we create, we pay tribute to these amazing women who have left a lasting impact on our lives and our restaurant. So come join us at The Lady May for a taste of family tradition and celebrate the flavors that bring people together

Sharing Our Family Legacies

Will Taylor and Granny

Chris McDonald and Nana

Lady May Tallow

We had our grandmothers' recipes for brine and batter,
but we were missing one crucial ingredient: tallow

With a legacy steeped in our grandmother's recipes and Mississippi's rich history of tallow production, we at The Lady May have embraced its versatile uses in not only cooking but also skincare. Our remarkable journey started with frying up delicious dishes using tallow and evolved into creating an acclaimed line of tallow-based moisturizers, boasting over 10,000 five-star reviews. Beyond moisturizers and Cooking Oil, our tallow products also include candles and soap. At The Lady May, we cherish the past traditional use and continually explore innovative ways to incorporate tallow. Come experience our unique offerings and taste the difference that cooking with tallow makes!